Customized Truck Wrap in Ashland, VA for Mosquito Xpress

Product: vehicle wrap Location: Ashland, Virginia Client: Mosquito Xpress     Recently, we were approached by Mosquito Express to produce custom designed wraps for two of their fleet trucks. Toucan Signs and Graphics was happy to help our new clients. Our designer at Toucan-Signs&Graphics, Jon, worked with our client to produce a powerful visual statement that includes the information and brand of Mosquito Express. The design was printed using the latest in large format printing equipment, using environmentally friendly latex inks on adhesive vinyl. Then a thin layer of clear laminate is adhered to insure durability, and long lasting images. We have expert staff that were invested in supplying our client with a high quality product that is fabricated, and installed in a timely manner for an affordable price. The final result of this project for Mosquito Xpress was a complete success! In the image above you will see the completed vehicle wraps for the trucks at Mosquito Xpress. Notice the bold color choices, unique design, and legible lettering that is direct in the delivery of its intended information! Below are more images of the wrap mounted on the two pickup trucks. There are many ways to utilize signage for the success of your business’s advertising. From interior signs such as lobby signs, and wall graphics to exterior signs like the pole sign, and monument sign, there are many products that can broadcast your company’s information and brand. However, there are limited amount of impressions to be made with a stationary sign. That is why mobile marketing is one of the most productive and efficient forms of advertising in... read more

Personalized Decals for Service Van in Richmond, VA

Product: van decal, logo design, vinyl lettering, business cards Location: Richmond, Virginia Client: Mechanical Solutions of VA, LLC   Mechanical Solutions of VA contacted Toucan Signs and Graphics to help build the brand with logo design, and vehicle graphics on a service van. They are a new company that specializes in both commercial and residential HVAC services. Our client is a new business so an affordable mobile marketing option was a must. We knew we could supply exactly what the company needed! To gain exposure within the community, it is integral to create a long lasting impression that leaves the public wanting more. We wanted to give this to our new client, so we made it our mission to add some flair to the plain white service van. Our professional designers partnered with our client to create a custom logo, and install it on the service vehicle along with the phone number. There is also an opportunity to add bullet points for service benefits at a future time. In addition to the vehicle decals and logo design that we had provided for our client, we also design and ordered his business cards with the new brand in place. Our client was completely satisfied with both products and service provided. At Toucan Signs and Graphics we are a full-service sign and graphics company that specializes in the production of both premium products and a superior standard of service at an affordable rate. Our company has a mission to help every client achieve their advertising goals with durable, and productive signage. Mobile marketing is one of the most efficient forms of... read more

Decals and Banners in Richmond, VA by Toucan Signs and Graphics

Bike Virginia, is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Richmond, VA. They needed a banner and decals for their big event they hold every year, the Bike Virginia Tour.  They contacted us, Toucan Signs and Graphics, and we were more than happy to help them with design and fabricate a banner, as well as print some decals. Stickers are a fun and easy way to market your business or organization, plus everyone loves to be given stickers! Stickers are a great marketing tool because they’re small, lightweight, and can be adhered to almost anything. They can be made in any size, and we chose 4” by 4” for these decals. This is a good size to achieve visibility without being overwhelming. The custom banner was 96″ wide and 48″ tall and was printed on 13oz matte finish vinyl material. Brass grommets were added so the banner could easily be hung up and displayed. This particular banner also doubled as a backdrop for photographers to capture the victories of the cyclists at the end of the tour. We posted some photos so you can see the final products. The font chosen for the stickers is modern and matches the bold graphics. The website is printed at the bottom of the decal, so folks can learn more about the organization and its efforts. The decals were printed in a variety of text and background combinations to appeal to everybody. Bright and bold colors like yellow, orange, pink and, black were chosen. The text was white or black, depending on what looked best against the background color. For the banner’s background, they chose... read more

Custom Big Head Signs in Richmond, VA for Volleyball Team – PERSONALIZED FAT HEADS

Project: Big Heads, enlarged photos of volleyball player’s heads Client: Toucan Signs and Graphics Location: Richmond, Glen Allen, Ashland, Chesterfield, VA     Bring on the team spirit with Big Heads! Over the 2015 Memorial Day weekend, the Boys East Coast Championship and Girls East Region Tournament will be arriving in Richmond, VA. This is an intense tournament for Junior’s volleyball. There will be 120 boy’s teams, and 190 girl’s teams in attendance. These team’s will be coming in from as far as Puerto Rico, Rochester, NY, St. Louis, MO, and Miami, FL. The provenance of this event is amazing both with the large numbers of those attending, and also with the talent that will be playing. Our Big Heads saga began when our youngest son, CW couldn’t make it to take the volleyball team photo. We were out of town, and came up with the idea to send in a “replacement” to allow him to be in the photo anyway. This is when Flat CW was made! We printed a large, high resolution image of our son for his team to hold up in his absence. Flat CW became such a popular figure, he is now my son’s team mascot! This gave us the thought to make these Big Heads for other players to spread cheer and team spirit. Above left is a photo showing a sample of a Big Head with our owner Dennis! Above right is a picture showing a female volleyball player showing off her new Big Head in pride. Below are two group photos showing not only the Big Heads, but the obvious enthusiasm and... read more
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