Project: Big Heads, enlarged photos of volleyball player’s heads

Client: Toucan Signs and Graphics

Location: Richmond, Glen Allen, Ashland, Chesterfield, VA



Bring on the team spirit with Big Heads!

Over the 2015 Memorial Day weekend, the Boys East Coast Championship and Girls East Region Tournament will be arriving in Richmond, VA.solo-demo This is an intense tournament for Junior’s volleyball. There will be 120 boy’s teams, and 190 girl’s teams in attendance. These team’s will be coming in from as far as Puerto Rico, Rochester, NY, St. Louis, MO, and Miami, FL. The provenance of this event is amazing both with the large numbers of those attending, and also with the talent that will be playing.

Our Big Heads saga began when our youngest son, CW couldn’t make it to take the volleyball team photo. DSC_0216We were out of town, and came up with the idea to send in a “replacement” to allow him to be in the photo anyway. This is when Flat CW was made! We printed a large, high resolution image of our son for his team to hold up in his absence. Flat CW became such a popular figure, he is now my son’s team mascot! This gave us the thought to make these Big Heads for other players to spread cheer and team spirit.

Above left is a photo showing a sample of a Big Head with our owner Dennis! Above right is a picture showing a female volleyball player showing off her new Big Head in pride. Below are two group photos showing not only the Big Heads, but the obvious enthusiasm and cheer the players receive from displaying their enlarged selves!

Toucan Signs and Graphics is going to help increase team’s morale, spread team spirit, and provide a good time for all with our enlarged Big Heads! In the morning, player’s will have the option to have their photos taken. We will then take those photos and enlarge them into a Big Head that will be delivered later that same day. Parent’s and players can use the Big Head’s to display support of their teams, and to cheer on their favorite athletes! 

group group-picture-big-heads-front






Toucan Signs and Graphics is a full-service personalized sign and graphics company that specializes in high-end products with a fresh brand. We are servicing the areas of Richmond, Ashland, Glen Allen, and Chesterfield, VA. Give us a call today with any questions concerning our Big Heads, and we look forward to seeing you at the tournament. Look for us, we’ll be the ones with the Big Heads!

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