Awning Signs

For restaurants and other businesses that get a lot of foot traffic, an
awning sign is pretty much a must. They serve two purposes by
shielding your customers and employees from the elements,
as well as they are also a great opportunity for branding and advertising. 
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Need a custom awning for your business?

Awnings (also known as canopies) can be a wonderful way to advertise for your business. The commercial awnings fabricated by Toucan Signs and Graphics have a professional appearance while promoting your company and providing brand reinforcement. If you already have an existing awning our design team can help create signage to be installed.

Other than providing advertising, awnings also provide weather protection and decoration for your business. Most often the awning is supported by the building to which it is attached. We use lightweight metal to fabricate the awnings’ structure and then use a cover over the metal structure.

Awnings are quite common and can be seen being used by a variety of business types, from large retail stores and banks to restaurants and small businesses. If surrounding stores already have awnings we can match the style of yours  so that you match surrounding storefronts.

For more information regarding our commercial awnings, please give us a call today at (840) 749-4000! For a free quote please fill out the form to the right. Our team of signage and design experts are ready for your ideas.


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Customized Truck Wrap in Ashland, VA for Mosquito Xpress

Customized Truck Wrap in Ashland, VA for Mosquito Xpress

Product: vehicle wrap Location: Ashland, Virginia Client: Mosquito Xpress     Recently, we were approached by Mosquito Express to produce custom designed wraps for two of their fleet trucks. Toucan Signs and Graphics was happy to help our new clients. Our designer at Toucan-Signs&Graphics, Jon, worked with our client to produce a powerful visual statement that includes the information and brand of Mosquito Express. The design was printed using the latest in large format printing equipment, using environmentally friendly latex inks on adhesive vinyl. Then a thin layer of clear laminate is adhered to insure durability, and long lasting images. We have expert staff that were invested in supplying our client with a high quality product that is fabricated, and installed in a timely manner for an affordable price. The final result of this project for Mosquito Xpress was a complete success! In the image above you will see the completed vehicle wraps for the trucks at Mosquito Xpress. Notice the bold color choices, unique design, and legible lettering that is direct in the delivery of its intended information! Below are more images of the wrap mounted on the two pickup trucks. There are many ways to utilize signage for the success of your business’s advertising. From interior signs such as lobby signs, and wall graphics to exterior signs like the pole sign, and monument sign, there are many products that can broadcast your company’s information and brand. However, there are limited amount of impressions to be made with a stationary sign. That is why mobile marketing is one of the most productive and efficient forms of advertising in... read more

Awning Signs

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