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Portable signs are more of a general category that can include many
types of portable signs. They can range from small to larger custom signs,
like yard signs and sidewalk signs. 
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Sometimes when you need signs that can be used in a variety of situations  portable signage comes in handy. Portable signage can actually come in various forms, from banners to sidewalk signs and we can fabricate them all. Is your business quite far from the road? Use a portable sidewalk sign to display specials, contact information, hours or anything else you’d like! Ensuring potential customers know where you are can greatly increase profits, so stop hiding and make your business known!

Marquee signs are a form of portable signage which allow you to change your message whenever you please. This can be great for advertising sales and specials of the day, week or month! Although not the most professional, they do allow you to get your message across. A-frame signs can be fabricated to look a touch more professional but are often not changeable. For more information about our portable signage options, please give us a call at (840) 749-4000, and our experts can go over the options available for you.

If you are searching for a sign company that can design and fabricate portable signage for your business, trust in our experts at Toucan Signs and Graphics! We have the experience and knowledge to create professional signage of any kind. For a free quote for portable signage, please fill out our convenient form below. To obtain more information about our sign products, give us a call or browse the site.


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Customized Truck Wrap in Ashland, VA for Mosquito Xpress

Customized Truck Wrap in Ashland, VA for Mosquito Xpress

Product: vehicle wrap Location: Ashland, Virginia Client: Mosquito Xpress     Recently, we were approached by Mosquito Express to produce custom designed wraps for two of their fleet trucks. Toucan Signs and Graphics was happy to help our new clients. Our designer at Toucan-Signs&Graphics, Jon, worked with our client to produce a powerful visual statement that includes the information and brand of Mosquito Express. The design was printed using the latest in large format printing equipment, using environmentally friendly latex inks on adhesive vinyl. Then a thin layer of clear laminate is adhered to insure durability, and long lasting images. We have expert staff that were invested in supplying our client with a high quality product that is fabricated, and installed in a timely manner for an affordable price. The final result of this project for Mosquito Xpress was a complete success! In the image above you will see the completed vehicle wraps for the trucks at Mosquito Xpress. Notice the bold color choices, unique design, and legible lettering that is direct in the delivery of its intended information! Below are more images of the wrap mounted on the two pickup trucks. There are many ways to utilize signage for the success of your business’s advertising. From interior signs such as lobby signs, and wall graphics to exterior signs like the pole sign, and monument sign, there are many products that can broadcast your company’s information and brand. However, there are limited amount of impressions to be made with a stationary sign. That is why mobile marketing is one of the most productive and efficient forms of advertising in... read more

Portable Signs

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